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Sexy San Jose

Posted on: Aug 02, 2010

Digital 101: Rebuilding San Jose Airport

While the rest of the country seems still mired in a tenacious recession, San Jose shines on as one glorious example of the little city that could. While development has slowed, the city still strives to remake itself in significant ways. The new Terminal B at SJO is just the latest example of a forward thinking city reaching beyond our current recession and making big plans for the future.

San Jose Airport, Terminal C, Fentress Architects, Denver

Creating a dusk shot like this with digital media is much simpler and more successful than film which would involve complex filtration and multiple exposures. Digital sensor technology has advanced enough in the past few years to render a virtually “noiseless” image with a pleasing rendition of three or four different color temperature light sources. The image below is the image the camera created with very little “post” manipulation to correct for color shifts.

Plant 51 Condos, Steinberg Architects, San Jose

Why Hire a Professional?

Here are a handful of bullet points to use the next time you are looking to hire a photographer:

  • A “good eye” is just that. It is the ability to put together a two D image of a three D space in no time flat. Having it look great is the mark of a professional.
  • When it comes to buildings, a well developed knowledge of just when and how a building or interior looks best is essential. For example, both projects on this page were shot at the end of the day to catch the elusive “blue hour” that makes most building shots sing. The window view on the condo project was stripped in so that all the reflections from the room could be eliminated.
  • Understanding all the technical parameters of both the equipment used and its limits is essential. Knowing what you can and cannot do in post production is also very important.
  • Understanding and having the ability to use lighting is the difference between the amateur and the professional. Lighting renders accurate color and gives each image its distinctive quality.
  • Knowing that “good enough” is NOT good enough. Each image must be exceptional.
  • A  true pro is the consummate problem solver. He knows what needs to be done and gets it done.
  • A professional will always understand that he may never have the opportunity to come back. Getting it done right the first time is essential.

A lot of us are using this recession / depression to re-evaluate what we are doing and why we are important to our clients. It is the value that we give to our clients that makes the difference and defines us as professionals.

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