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Tablets from Heaven

Posted on: Jul 01, 2010

Digital 101: The advent of the Tablet and the exit of ink on paper.

I am old enough to think of tablets as something stone-like and being grasped by some seminal character like Moses.Fast forward 3000 years to the Twenty-first Century and tablets have a whole different meaning. Thin, light and very portable, they may be the new window on the world. With the ever widening reach of the web through wi-fi most urbanites are ever more connected. I now read my Sunday New York Times on my i-Phone on Saturday and do a myriad of things almost impossible just a few years ago. As much as I love sitting on the couch after dinner and leafing through one of my favorite magazines, that pleasure has the real possibility of becoming completely electronic in a few short years.

TR-2 House, Cigolle X Coleman, Brentwood, CA

In terms of new media, the possibilities are great. Embedded audio, video and inter-active links to a wide variety of sites are just a few of the offerings. I have recently teamed up with a video production artist and we are producing short videos for our clients that can be embedded in a website or stand alone. Take a look: Websites are necessarily going to become more sophisticated and interactive. It may very well be the place where your client makes his initial contact. Staying one step ahead of technology may be the survival key in this tough economic environment.

Good Shepard Catholic Church, Elk Grove, CA HGA Architects

What happened to that DAM file, anyway?!?!?

In digital parlance, DAM means Digital Asset Management and describes a process of coding, editing, filing and backing up all digital files. This is important stuff and I strongly encourage every design firm to have at least two people in the office familiar with digital archiving and to maintain a rigorous process of digital file management. Here are a few key rules:

  • Maintain three copies of everything in two media. That means that the same file is on two different hard drives and one other media such as DVD.
  • Regularly back up everything with back up software.
  • Keep key files off site in a separate backup.
  • Have an orderly filing system so that you can find stuff.

Learn to access and use the meta-data capabilities of most professional images. These are side car files that contain significant information about the image, from who created it to when and how it was taken. This info can be an important part of finding things at a later date.

Our goals here are to avoid disaster and just find stuff you know is there but are not quite sure where. Every month we get at least one call to replicate something a client has lost or misplaced. That is part of our service.

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