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Hospitality: Signs of life in the Hotel Industry

Posted on: Oct 03, 2011

Working with hotels, restaurants and cruise ship companies has always been a key client constituent of ours. Although their business models and marketing approaches may have changed over the years, people still need a place to eat, meet and sleep when away from home.  And hotels still need great photos of their properties. We have photographed everything from tony San Francisco Bed and Breakfasts to mega cruise ships in the Caribbean.  The key in all this is creating a set of images that give the viewer a sense of belonging.

Hotel Bristol Lobby, San Diego

This year we worked extensively with one medium sized boutique hotel organization, Greystone Hotels,  shooting most of their properties. They waited close to four years and then finally decided it was time to update all of their photography.  Buildings get remodeled. Hotels target different client bases.   Marketing strategies change.  A great photo can be an invaluable marketing asset in any venue.

Hotel Bristol Bar, San Diego

Using digital technology, we can not only enhance what we capture, we can substantially change the environment.  For example, on the ballroom shot taken at Hotel Bristol in San Diego, we did not have enough linen for all the tables.  We were able to clone additional tables and then add them to the image.  The day we shot the ballroom space was gray with unremitting cloud cover.  As a precaution I shot a skyline shot the day before and conveniently stripped it in.  It was a seamless production.

Bristol Ballroom

Shooting hotels is fun because the people who work in the hospitality business are all about creating fun spaces for guests to enjoy.  Working with dedicated hoteliers and restaurateurs is almost always a positive experience.

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